What is Pearson?

Pearson is a British multinational education and publishing company headquartered in London, England. Being referred to as the “world’s learning company“, Pearson operates in over 70 countries and provide internationally accredited qualifications, education content and assessments.

Why Pearson?

Pearson is home to many highly regarded qualifications that provide students with an excellent education in industry-focused fields and improve their chances of finding employment all around the world!

What is BTEC Higher Nationals?

BTEC Higher Nationals are internationally recognised higher education qualifications at levels 4 and 5 that are equivalent to the first and second years of a university degree, providing progression to both university and employment. They represent the latest in professional standards and provide opportunities for students to develop behaviours for work, for example by undertaking a group project or responding to a client brief. A student may even achieve exemption from professional or vendor qualifications, or student membership of selected professional bodies, to help them on their journey to professional competence.

The purpose of BTEC Higher Nationals in Music is to develop students as professional, self-reflecting individuals able to meet the demands of employers in the music industry and adapt to a constantly changing world. The qualifications aim to widen access to higher education and enhance the career prospects of those who undertake them.

What is HN Global?

HN Global Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals are supported by a specially designed range of digital resources, to ensure that tutors and students have the best possible experience during their course. These are available from the HN Global website http://www.highernationals.com/. With HN Global, tutors can access programme specifications that contain useful information on programme planning and quality assurance processes. Tutors can also view Schemes of Work and Example Assessment Briefs, helping them create meaningful courses and assessments. HN Global also allows tutors to create and annotate reading lists for their students and also keep up-to-date on the latest news regarding HN programmes.

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