Electronic Music Production



Intake Dates:

3 Months

Certificate Level

7th Jan 2024 (Weekday)
27th Jan 2024 (Weekend)

Fees & Fundings:

Course Fee: 50,000 LKR

(Full Payment Discount: 10%)

Registration: 25,000 LKR

Instalment : 25,000 LKR x 1 Months


Electronic Music production – Cubase course covers everything about using Cubase which is one of the most used DAWs in the world for Electronic music production. The students learn from how to get fluent with the Cubase user interface and file management methods to making beats and melodies to more advanced lessons such as signal flow, MIDI technology, and Mixing and mastering. The students also get the opportunity to learn about creating a unique musical identity for themselves and effective marketing and branding techniques as well as strategies. Well-experienced instructors of the Pearlbay Institute walk the students through the processes, working with the latest hardware and software tools and equipment giving them hands-on experience using them which makes the Pearlbay Institute the best place to learn electronic music production with Cubase. 


  • Track and file management 
  • MIDI / Virtual instrument / Performance management
  • Audio Recording 
  • Plugins and VST instrument 
  • Project organization 
  • File management
  • Project window and mix window 
  • Signal flow & routing 
  • Edit tools &  Functions 
  • Key commands 
  • MIDI programming & Functions 
  • Basic mixing and mastering 


Lecture Panel

Rezi Ahamed

Rezi Ahamed

Rezi is a charismatic and passionate educator who is ready to hold your hand and guide you through your learning experience.



Basic English knowledge
Computer Literacy

Academic Entry Qualification: NONE