International Diploma in Music Production - Level 03



Intake Dates:

1 Year

Pearson BTEC | Diploma

July 2024

Fees & Fundings:

Course Fee: 380,000 LKR

Registration: 80,000 LKR

Instalment : 30,000 LKR x 10 Months

(*5% Off : Full Payment Discount)


International Diploma in music production – Level 03 is an internationally accepted qualification offered by the Pearlbay Institute. The Diploma program covers music production skill development that includes studio recording and making musical material, to building a music profile that would teach the students how to promote their music. Most importantly, in this course, students get a proper insight and a  guideline on what career path they need to choose in the industry obtaining themselves a Pearson BTEC level qualification. 


Module B: Music Production Skills Development

B4 – Studio Recording
B5 – Creating Musical Material Through Production

Module C: The Global Music Industry

C7 – Planning a career in the industry.


Module D: Personal Music Profile

D9 – Producing a personal project
D10 – Using material for self-promotion and networking.


Module E: Collaborative Music Project

E13 – Using Creative Collaboration to Develop a Project
E14 – Producing a Collaborative Project

Lecture Panel

Rachika De Silva

Rachika De Silva

Rachika De Silva has been in the music industry in Sri Lanka gaining experiences and golden reputation. He also is a Lecturer at University of the Visual & Performing Arts.

Rezi Ahamed

Rezi Ahamed

Rezi is a charismatic and passionate educator who is ready to hold your hand and guide you through your learning experience.


Denham Hakel

Denham Hakel is a highly skilled recording, mixing, and mastering engineer with years of experience in both studio and live settings.

Ranga D

Ranga Dasanayake

‘Ranga D’ started his music career in 1991 and is one of the most accomplished producers and audio engineers in Sri Lanka.

Maheshwara Medawatta | AAC Academic Affairs Coordinator

Maheshwara Medawatta

Maheshwara Madawatte has been a remarkable professional in the industry. Also he has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Audio Engineering  SAE Institute, garnering experience


Abhishek Thimbadia

Abishek Thimbadia is an incredible professional who also has a passion for teaching as well as the music. He also has studied at SAE Australia.

Sam Welch

Sam Welch

Sam is a Glasgow-based freelance mixing & mastering engineer and producer and he has worked with artists like Snoop Dogg, Wé McDonald, Kris Drever, and Runrig.

Chamitha Cooray

Chamitha Cooray

Chamith Cooray is a  Record Producer and a Composer who currently serves for a massive number of local artists, corporate sectors, Event Production in Sri Lankan industry. 


  • Foundation in Music Technology 
  • Good  English knowledge & Computer Literacy