Electronic Music Production
FL Studio



Intake Dates:

2 Month

Certificate Level


Fees & Fundings:

Course Fee: 50,000 LKR

Registration: 25,000 LKR

Instalment : 12,500 LKR x 2 Months

(*5% Off : Full Payment Discount )


Electronic music production – FL studio course covers a range of modules to give the students the full understanding of using FL studio in a manner that would stand them out in the industry. This course walks the students from the basics of FL studio to making beats and sequences to recording to much more advanced segments such as signal flow & routing and mixing & mastering. Every student in the course has the valuable opportunity to get in-class feedback and reviews from our well-experienced instructors . The instructors of the Pearlbay Institute are well-experienced as professionals in Electronic Music production and as instructors in music production. By the end of the Electronic Music Production – FL Studio course, students will gain the ability to fluently use FL Studio to create their own unique electronic music with FL studio. 


  • Track and file management
  • MIDI / Virtual instrument / Performance management
  • Audio Recording 
  • Plugins and VST instrument 
  • Project organization 
  • File management 
  • Project window and mix window 
  • Signal flow & routing 
  • Edit tools &  Functions 
  • Key commands 
  • MIDI programming & Functions 
  • Basic mixing and mastering 


Lecture Panel


Yuki Navarathne

Yuki Navaratne, also known as YukiBeatz, is an accomplished music director, singer, arranger, and renowned music producer.

Sasith Gamage

Sasith Gamage

Sasith Gamage is a talented and skillful professional in the Sri Lankan music industry who also goes by the name of iclown making a revolutionary difference in the industry.


Basic English knowledge
Computer Literacy

Academic Entry Qualification: NONE