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4 Months

Pearson BTEC

27th February 2024

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Course Fee: 175,000 LKR

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Registration: 70,000 LKR

Instalment : 35,000 LKR x 3 Months


The Pearson BTEC HND FLEX in Live Mixing offers a comprehensive exploration into the nuanced field of live sound engineering, specifically tailored for music concerts and related live sound activities. This course extends beyond the foundational knowledge acquired in Unit 20: Live Sound Techniques, by deepening the understanding of not only the technical aspects of sound reinforcement but also the softer skills crucial to the industry, such as empathic communication and understanding the emotional nuances of live performances.

A significant emphasis is placed on the interpersonal dynamics between the sound engineer, the performers, and the broader audio crew. This aspect is pivotal as it underlines the importance of building a rapport and working cohesively to ensure the success of a live event. The curriculum is designed to foster a deep appreciation of the artist’s needs, which often transcend technical requirements, thereby preparing students to excel in high-pressure live sound environments.

In addition to technical training on constructing and operating advanced PA systems for concerts, the course introduces students to the professional documentation and procedures essential for working as a touring sound engineer. This includes creating detailed input lists, stage plans, and technical riders tailored to the specific needs of music artists.

Practical assessments simulate real-world scenarios, challenging students to apply their knowledge in sound checks and live show environments, testing their operational competencies and communication skills. By the conclusion of the course, students are expected to demonstrate proficiency in creating effective front-of-house (FOH) and monitor mixes, showcasing their ability to support a contemporary music artist during live performances.

The Pearson BTEC HND FLEX in Live Mixing thus not only equips students with the technical skills necessary for a career in live sound engineering but also hones their ability to navigate the complex interpersonal landscape of live music production, ensuring they emerge as well-rounded professionals ready to contribute significantly to the live sound industry.


1. Event Preparation for Music Performances

   – Input Lists: Develop detailed equipment and input listings, utilizing standard conventions and spreadsheet software.

   – Stage Plans: Draft precise stage layouts.

   – Technical Riders: Compile comprehensive technical requirements for artists.


2. A System Assembly for Music Events

   – Complete System Construction: Guidelines and strategic approach for independent setup.

   – Components: Detail on mixers, amplifiers, speakers (FOH/monitors), system management, wiring, and venue acoustics.

   – Artist Specifications: Incorporating specific audio needs of the performer.


3. Effective Communication in Music Events

   – Understanding and Implementation: Decode artist’s technical needs, manage sound checks, and utilize clear verbal and non-verbal signals.

   – Systems and Roles: Employ communication tools and understand the duties of the audio team.


4. Mixing for Live Music Performances

   – FOH and Monitor Mixes: Guide to autonomous mixing, employing EQ, dynamics, and effects to achieve clear, feedback-free sound.

   – System Calibration: Techniques for setting gain and using auditory/visual feedback.

   – Audience and Team Interaction: Prioritize clear communication with everyone involved for a successful show.

Lecture Panel

Amila Rasanga

Amila Rasanga has been in the music industry in Sri Lanka gaining experiences and golden reputation. He also is a Lecturer at University of the Visual & Performing Arts.


Basic English knowledge
Computer Literacy

Academic Entry Qualification: NONE