Foundation in Music Technology



Intake Dates:

3 Month

Certificate Level

June, July, August

Fees & Fundings:

Course Fee: 80,000 LKR
(*5% Off : Full Payment Discount)

Registration: 30,000 LKR

Instalment : 25,000 LKR x 2 Months


The foundation of Music Technology course offered by the Pearlbay Institute is the starting point for anyone looking for the perfect place to kick-start their journey in Music Technology. This course consists of four major sections that would allow the students to obtain a knowledge base that covers a wide area of music technology. The students start the course with the fundamentals of Music Theory covering the essential theories of music that a professional in the industry would require to thrive. Other segments include Audio Engineering, Electronic music production, and basics of mixing & mastering. The major digital audio workstation used throughout this course is Cubase, one of the most used DAWs in the world. The best Audio Engineers and music producers in the industry conduct the foundation of music technology courses. Every student receives the opportunity to practice what they learned hands-on with the latest equipment, software applications and tools. The Foundation in Music Technology course offered by Pearlbay Institute is the best music technology course in Sri Lanka.


Music Theory (Basic)

  • Time Signatures/Key Signature
  • Notes & Chord Progressions
  • Scales
  • Major/Minor Chords
  • 5th & 7th 
  • Inversions
  • Songwriting Basics / Creating a Melody
  • Rhythm & Basic Song Arrangement

Electronic Music Production


  • Introduction to Cubase
  • Session management
  • MIDI
  • VST and Synthesis
  • Music Production with Cubase or FL Studio

Audio Engineering

  • Physics of Sound
  • Microphones and Recording Techniques
  • Recording Technology
  • Effects and Processing

Mixing and Mastering (Basic)

  • Corrective and creative processing
  • Time and pitch editing
  • Tonal and Harmonic processing
  • Bus processing
  • Master bus processing
  • Mastering for platforms

Lecture Panel

Rachika De Silva

Rachika De Silva

Rachika De Silva has been in the music industry in Sri Lanka gaining experiences and golden reputation. He also is a Lecturer at University of the Visual & Performing Arts.

Rezi Ahamed

Rezi Ahamed

Rezi is a charismatic and passionate educator who is ready to hold your hand and guide you through your learning experience.

Pasan Karunaratne

Pasan Karunaratne is a highly skilled and passionate lecturer specializing in Applied Music and Audio Engineering at Pearlbay Institute.

Ranga D

Ranga Dasanayake

‘Ranga D’ started his music career in 1991 and is one of the most accomplished producers and audio engineers in Sri Lanka.


Basic English knowledge
Computer Literacy

Academic Entry Qualification: NONE